AHORA is a research and design practice led by Linda Schilling Cuellar (BArch UTFSM 11`, MSAUD GSAPP 18`) and Claudio Astudillo Barra (BArch UTFSM 09`), based in Santiago, Chile.

Formed in 2020, it looks at extraction economies, with particular attention to the ones that take place in Chile, and asks what will happen after it's all gone. To realize possible futures led by local communities, we must understand the transformed landscapes inherited by our current economic value-ways through the lens of what was and what could be.

By looking at the documents that enclose most of our knowledge about our territories, the Environmental Impact Assessments, we take on new mediums of representation to visualize and discuss the impacts of extractions with local organizations and academia.

In close collaboration with designers, biologists, and engineers, we draw the story of a place through its human and non-human inhabitants' relationships to challenge and propose new ways of being together.

Linda Schilling Cuellar
(BArch UTFSM 11`, MSAUD GSAPP 18`)
Aarchitect and urban designer. A former Associate Research Scholar at the Center for Resilient Cities and Landscapes at Columbia University. She has recently exhibited her work at the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial. A 2020 GSAPP Incubator prize recipient with the proposal Extractopia started AHORA alongside Claudio Astudillo Barra to work with the new landscape modeled by extraction economies. She is currently working as a Studio teacher at Universidad de las Américas in Chile.
Claudio Astudillo Barra
(BArch UTFSM 09`)
Architect who has written for MONU, Quaderns and Arquitecturas del Sur. He has exhibited at SCL2110 and the 2010 Shenzhen Biennale, as well as co-edited the books, Co-Habitaciones and Propagaciones. He currently runs OCRE, a design and construction firm.